Our Favorite Gardens in Austin

If you’ve got www.t1internet.net as your high speed internet connection you know where the best flower viewing spots in Austin arebut if you’re from out of town you may not know about some of the city’s most vibrant gardens. Here are three of our favorite places to get involved with the flora and really take in the scents and sights of Austin!
The Great Outdoors: So technically this is a nursery where plants are sold but it’s an awesome day trip, too. There’s lots to do here for kids and parents alike and you may get some ideas for stuff for your own home garden! It’s double duty.
Community Gardens: Did you know that Austin has over 26 community gardens? They’re planted and maintained by members of the community and anyone’s free to take food if necessary.
Govalle Park: A beautiful park in its own right, Govalle hosts the annual “Passion for Plants” festival in Austin where visitors can buy plants, check out unique species and talk to growers about soil conditions and the like. It’s a wonderful place to take it all in and smell the roses!

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