The Ten Secret Gems Of Austin’s Botanical Gardens

Austin’s Zilker Botanical Gardens are maintained by a non-profit society with a goal to encourage the knowledge and adoration of gardening amongst individuals of every age. All of the gardens present their own unique charms; however, here are ten of them that are especially interesting.

The lush Green Garden is home to a statue of “Saint Francis of Assisi” which is displayed on a dais of rocks.

A remarkable natural stone bench can be found in the Herb Garden.

Mabel Davis Rose Garden is breathtaking and is viewed at its finest when visitors step off the main trail and enter through the metal arbor.

The plants in the prehistoric garden are the kinds that existed when the dinosaurs roamed the area.

There are several Japanese maples scattered among the Taniguchi Japanese Garden.

The Organic Garden is a replica of a pioneer village that consists of organic plants from throughout the world that are grown in a long-established manner.

Accomplishing blooms that last longer than a day are being achieved at the spectacular Daylily Garden.

Newly planted species of desert plants (including Spanish Dagger, Blue Beargrass Tree, Golden Barrel and Blue Sotol) can now be found in the CACTUS AND SUCCULENT GARDEN.

The Doug Blachly Butterfly Trail and Garden is a natural outdoor hatchery for butterflies.

A new dinosaur made of plants is located in the Children’s Garden and just may be the coolest of the gems.

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